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Harnessing viruses to combat disease

Everyone should have access to innovative therapies that represent the promise of lasting cures. At Theolytics we are working to transform patients’ lives, through world leading science, with a great team.


Who we are

Our team combines world leading scientific expertise – spanning virology, cancer biology, immunology, bioinformatics, and molecular biology – with a track record of translating viral therapies from discovery through to commercial approval.

We partner with top-tier investors and biopharmaceutical companies committed to transforming patients’ lives.

Discovering transformative therapies

Our discovery platforms harness the power of viruses to systematically identify therapies optimised for a chosen patient population, providing the promise of lasting cures.


Oncolytic viral therapy for ovarian cancer

To combat cancer we need therapies that are as intelligent as the cancer itself. Oncolytic viruses have the potential to selectively kill cancer, and cancer supporting cells - in addition to waking up the body's immune system to detect and clear tumours. Our lead programme is focused on discovering a novel therapy for ovarian cancer, a disease that impacts 1 in every 52 women.


People are at the heart of what we do

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