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Transforming patients' lives, through world leading science

At Theolytics we are focused on harnessing viruses to combat disease. Our discovery platforms leverage systematic phenotypic screening technologies to power the discovery of therapies optimised for a chosen patient population, providing the promise of lasting cures.


Innovation - Pipeline

Our lead programme is focused on developing a transformative therapy for ovarian cancer. 1 in 52 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime, and currently only 35% of women diagnosed survive for 10 or more years. This is due to the highly immunosuppressive tumour environment, complex nature of the disease and few recent advances in the treatment landscape. Our team is developing an oncolytic viral therapy to selectively kill ovarian cancer cells, and cancer supporting cells - ‘CAFs’ - in addition to triggering the body’s immune system to detect and clear tumours.

Proprietary virus libraries .jpg

>100 million possibilities for transformative therapies

Less than 1% of the adenovirus product landscape has been explored to date. Our proprietary libraries unlock the full potential of this modality; hundreds of millions of possibilities for therapies across a diverse range of applications spanning oncology, gene therapy and infectious disease. 

Selection systems optimised for translational success

Advanced bioselection and screening systems enable the identification of therapies: 


  • representing a step-change in clinical efficacy potential

  • optimised for safe, targeted administration

  • enhanced for manufacture, yield and stability

Translationally relevant selection systems.jpg

Transforming patients’ lives through world leading science with a great team.

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In addition to advancing an internal pipeline of oncolytic virus programmes spanning both solid and liquid tumours, we establish select strategic partnerships to expand and accelerate pipeline development.


People are at the heart of what we do

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